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Meriinovillane kampsun AMITY - Lavendel - 80
Meriinovillane kampsun AMITY - Lavendel - 80

Meriinovillane kampsun AMITY - Lavendel - 80

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Warm merino wool sweater

This lovely sweater is thicker and warmer, suitable for those chilly days. The sweater has a modest design, suitable for everyday wear as well as for festive occasions. 

As merino wool is soft and non-itchy, it can also be applied as warm underwear against the skin.

Combine a lovely and especially warm set with the same pattern of AMITY pants.


Wool In Love products are easy to care for - machine wash is allowed on the wool program.

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SKU WIL-1-MW-SW-AM-LS-07-80-1

Merino wool kids and babies sweater AMITY

Material: 100% merino wool

Merino wool is soft and this makes it comfortable to wear directly against the body. Merino wool provides warmth, absorbs moisture quickly and is warm even when whet - this way your child doesn't get cold. Wearing woollen clothes gives you the safe knowledge that your baby is warm and comfortable.


Take good care of this product, so it will last long:

it is best to wash wool as little as possible
machine wash is allowed on wool program
please use wool detergent and dry flat
iron on medium heat with a lot of steam


Wool In Love products are made with love in Estonia.

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